Caucasian Kilims

Caucasian Kilim


Caucasian KilimCaucasian Kilim


Made 1950s / 60s.

Natural dyes.

Item Condition: Excellent
Item Number: K0022
Size of item (metric): 1.41 m x 0.82 m
Size of item (imperial): 4'6" x 2'7"

Price in Euros: 450

Armenian Prayer Kilim


Armenian Prayer KilimArmenian Prayer Kilim


Prayer kilim from Kars region, Armenian / Turkish border area.

Made c.1940.

Natural dyes.

Item Condition: Used
Item Number: K0020
Size of item (metric): 1.17 m x 0.79 m
Size of item (imperial): 3'9" x 2'6"

Price in Euros: 695

Shirvan Kilim


Shirvan KilimShirvan Kilim


Kilim from Shirvan region of Azerbaijan.

Made c.1875 - 1880.

Natural dyes, minor repairs.

Price on application.

Item Condition: Excellent
Item Number: K0694
Size of item (metric): 3.10 m x 2.45 m
Size of item (imperial): 10'2" x 8'0"

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