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De Poortere Deco Rug

Category: Modern Designs
Manufacturer: Louis De Poortere show products
Price: Euro 729,00 Euro 500,00

The Fading World Collection, "Old Kilim". Cotton Chenille, Jacquard Flatweave, Natural Latex Anti-Slip Backing

Colour: Forastero 8268

Available in the following sizes: 2.80 m x 2.00 m (9'2" x 6'7").....Special price: €500

Item Number 8268
Item Condition New
Size (Metric) 2.80 m x 2.00 m
Size (Imperial) 9'2" x 6'7"
Length (cm) 280
Width (cm) 200
Size (Sqm) 5.6
Colour BrownPink

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